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Sunday, November 22, 2009



via CraftyPod by Sister-Diane on 11/5/09

Still trying to catch up on my zine blogging. Su, of Tangled Press fame, sent me this gem a while back – and it is a gem.

She was thinking about doodling, and realized that this contour line type of doodle that you see on the cover has appeared in many of her creative projects. So this zine is about how this doodle mapped out her creative path.

Bet you were wondering what that round piece was. Well. it's a hand-doodled bit of rubber. You can carve it into a stamp! Su's zines are always full of wonderful extras like this.

It's fascinating reading as Su traces this doodle through stitchery, weaving, and carving projects.

…And she offers up all kinds of creative suggestions along the way.

She even gets into some doodle history. And what's all that floss sticking out of the top?

It's a hand-doodled bookmark to embroider and use! (You can see the other side in the top photo there.)

How freaking cool is that?

As if all that weren't enough, there are also some pages of postcard labels. Cut these out, peel the backing, and stick them to your own doodles to make postcards.

(Speaking of, have you heard of Su's Post Post Post Club?)

There's also plenty of space to make your own doodles in the zine, thus making it uniquely yours.

Top-notch. You can get a copy right over here.

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