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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Unknown Portraits / Bad Boy Racing Club


via Blood of the Young Zine by trh_@hotmail.com (t reilly hodgson) on 11/14/09
I got Kozyndan's beautiful new book, The Unknown Portraits, out through Toronto's Magic Pony as well as Bad Boy Racing Club #1. Here are some pictures from them.

I am going to say upfront that these pictures don't do this book justice at all. It showed up as a surprise from Magic Pony (thanks so much!!) a couple of weeks back and everyone that has seen it at my house instantly gets sucked in. It has a super soft fabric cover with gold embossing and the 100+ illustrations in it are awesome. Easily worth the $25 they want for it.

Kozyndan's drawings are based on pictures found in a thrift store photo album. Some of them are accompanied by short stories written by their friends, like the one above called There's A Party In My Pants that Porous Walker wrote.

I really like this book. The work has enough depth to keep you flipping through it continuously. There are some photos from the book launch and also some good images of some of the illustrations on Magic Pony's flickr. You can get the book here.

I don't know a whole lot about Bad Boy Racing Club. Its got black and white photos by a handful of people and Issue 1 is thick and full of good content.

More photos and knowledge about getting your hands on one at the Bad Boy Racing Club website.


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