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Monday, November 16, 2009

Pigeon Publications


via The Pigeon Press by noreply@blogger.com (Holly) on 11/6/09
Here are some of of the things we've made so far. Click on the Free Shop button to get one. At present we have very limited stocks of Third Reich Fantasy Melodrama and Marmalade Eyes, but enough Buried in the Canals to go around. (Click on pictures to enlarge them.)

Third Reich Fantasy Melodrama was the first zine we made, two years ago in the winter of 2007. Almost everything in it was by us, and it took quite a while to put together and make. It is a collection of stories.

We made Marmalade Eyes as a fold-out one page A4 zine, with the cover as a poster collage (not pictured, because the scanner just didn't want to cooperate) in spring 2009.

Buried in the Canal was our second long zine, made in January 2009. This time we collaborated, and it features illustrations, a story and a front cover by Eddy, and stories by various other contributors.

It also has two comics, Spiegelman's Guide to Girls, by Aaron...

...and Little Rabbit and Porkie Pig by Holly.


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