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Monday, November 9, 2009

DIY or Don’t We? #1

DIY or Don’t We? #1

Nicki has compiled a zine that combines the Do-It-Yourself ethic with the idea of doing things together. A group of contributing writers share their experiences about joining organizations and communities and what it meant to them to be a part of something bigger than themselves. Nicki writes about collecting surplus vegetables from a farm to make meals for her community. Orion Moon describes how some of his neighbors and friends formed a gardening collective. Amy Adoyzie reveals how she ended up writing a column for Razorcake. Timefighters (a media collective) offers a great soup recipe. Chris Kissoff shares her experiences visiting a friend at a halfway house. Other stories told involve the Olympia Film Society, Ladyfest Bellingham, and an eight member Cambodian Society. This zine has an attractive layout and an even more attractive purpose. Nicki’s really onto something. Submissions are requested for future issues.

$3, Nicki, PO Box 743, Olympia WA 98507, USA, diy.or.dont.we@gmail.com

Review by Dan Murphy, publisher of The Juniper, and Elephant Mess. If you wish to swap zines with him, send them to:Dan MurphyPO Box 363 Edwardsville IL 62025http://juniperbug.blogspot.com/

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