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Tuesday, November 17, 2009



via Everyone's Blog Posts - We Make Zines by Joseph Delgado on 11/17/09
if you should be interested in any issue of "extinctions" and would be interested in receiving more information regarding "extinctions" please contact me by traditional means:

c/o joseph delgado
2290 Peck Rd
Mohave Valley, AZ 86440

each issue copy is $1.00 which covers postage and shipping costs from rural america. or you can send $1.00 worth of us stamps and you will receive the most recent issue unless you request a back issue. trades welcomed and encouraged, all trade requests will be honored immediately for no additional cost. also accepts mail art, response will be copy of current issue with a hand made piece of art (considered a trade). free to prisoners, prostitutes, junkies, go-go boys, gay cowboys, waitresses, and truck stops.

issue #4 most current

issue #5 due out december 21st.....


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