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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Smog City #1

Smog City #1
34 pages, 7” x 11”
$4 US

Dan Says: This is a fiction zine. I don’t feel very qualified to critique fiction. However, I did find the five and a half stories interesting, and they did, for the most part, hold my attention. I thought that the descriptive parts were really well done, and there was a poetic quality to the writing despite the at times vulgar subject matter. Content aside, the most impressive thing about this zine is the layout, which must have really involved some thought. There are pages of different sizes that match up to complete images, along with fold-out pages that make the reading experience unique. Definitely worth a look.

Jack Says: Okay, I’m completely sold on this one. The layout and graphics are outstanding; lots of clever fold out pages that alter the visuals in small increments. At first I wanted to nit-pick the writing; I thought the first two stories faltered somewhat; not that it was bad; the prose was crisp, sometimes insightful, but I just thought it started out kind of clunky. However, but the third story Eddie Mulnix hits his stride and it continues to get better, right up to the last piece where the bastard leaves us with a cliffhanger to be continued in the next issue. The writing is short of stellar, but it certainly hints in that direction repeatedly.

$4.00. Smog City, PO Box 29753, Los Angeles CA 90027, WOSPress@gmail.com

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