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Thursday, November 5, 2009




by J. Homersham



There's really not that much I can say about Musetopia. Not because it isn't good, merely because it's a very simple, very visual 14 page mini comic. And when those 14 pages have just one panel gags on each page there just isn't that much to be said (unless you really want to get ridiculously silly and start really over-analysing something that's just meant to be simple fun).

Each page has a pun.
Each pun involves inanimate objects or fish.
Each pun, when you think about it, seems to involves some intimacy or relationship issues.
And each pun, every single damn one of them will make you smile.

Nicely drawn and funny. Now see for yourself:

muse1 muse2


Musetopia is available from here.

Richard Bruton.

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