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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Invincible Summer Anthology 2

Invincible Summer Anthology Vol 2
192 pages, half legal, paperback
$12.00 from Microcosm

Autobiographical comics by a Portland vegan feminist punk lesbian illustrator / educator.  Its okay, but I’m not interested enough to read the whole thing. I’m giving it to my grand-niece to read. Dogs, cats, animal rights, beer, music, drama, etc.

Jack Cheiky / quazipseudo

Here’s what others had to say about it:

Xerography Dept - "Nicole does it again… diary comics filled with the love of animals, band antics, dating, everyday occurrences, minor traumas and some of my favorite drawings ever. It’s not all straight diary comics… Nicole throws in “Advice for Fat Girls who Thrift Shop’, an ‘Ask Nicole’ sassy advice column, a recipe for pumpkin cheesecake, a description of ‘The Points Game’ and more fun than you can shake a stick at. By the end of this pretty pink-covered book you will be bowing down to the gal with the finest beehive hairdo around." 

Lipstikindie.com - As with Volume I, these are books to be cherished by women of all ages. Both speak volumes about how using our voice, whether it be verbal, written or artistic, can make a difference. nicole has a continuous solid message reminding us to be kind to animals and to do what we can to stop unnecessary abuse. 

Read Yourself Raw - For years, Nicole J Georges has recorded her thoughts and adventures in illustrated journal entries and published them in her zine Invincible Summer. Now, #9-14 of this publication are collected in one book. 

Feminist Review - Georges is as self-aware as she is talented... The best anecdotes in this collection are the ones linked to the smallest of moments: a night spent with a friend, a recipe, an image, and short illustrated synopsis of a day. To this author, the details of drawing or moment are as important as its big events. This collection exudes an electric feeling of discovery. Life, as depicted in this book, seems open with possibility. In short, it seems invincible. 

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