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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Z is for


via Bird in the Hand Zine Shop by Bird in the Hand Zine Shop on 11/5/09

I've been having pangs of guilt recently.  I haven't been reading enough.  There's a little worm inside my head coaxing me back to words on screens and words in books and words in zines.  The realisation I was starving myself textually came during a recent train journey from the Blue Mountains to Newcastle.  I foraged through my bag for pen & paper and wrote for literally hours (the train ride is about 5-6hrs!).  Then I returned to reading this lengthy and incredibly interesting paper on zines as ephemera and as political pieces of paper.  And not just political in the sense of anarcho punx and feminism (etc) but moreso in that ALL zines are political.  The mere act of putting together a zine is taking control of media, removing the financial motivation that is usually attached to our materialist society and poignantly stating that "everyone's voice has value, and factors such as money, status, and even talent are not limiting to one's ability to create a zine" (p.6).  Well, anyway, I implore you to read it.  It's here:



Anna Leventhal, MA Candidate Dept. of Art History and Communication Studies, McGill University

But wait, there's more.  Both yesterday and today were filled with lovely zine deliveries.  Our PO Box has never been so happy.  I've got a few of them here with me.. they'll be available to buy soon!


This is such an amazing zine. Both Sarah and I were nervously excited as we read this zine


This zine has so much inside! Recipes, stories, tidbits, rants and comix!


Whoosh! The Zine for Whale Lovers


Roller Derby zines rule so much. This one's by freshmeat Amy from SRDL. We also have derby zines by Bettie Brimstone of NRDL!


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