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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Zeen Review: Pox #6


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POX #6 by Susan Butcher & Carol Wood

I'm a big Pox fan so any issue for me is a bit of an event. I picked up this edition in 2007, it was 2 years old & I hadn't even heard about it. It was exciting for me, even though it was old, I checked the last issue & that came out in 2000. So they took 5 years to make #6 & it took me 2 years to find it. So the loop I'm out of is in keeping with theirs. The format changed when #5 came out, coinciding w/ a move to Melbourne & the death of their fancy old photocopier (Which could boast blue, red & black toners! Similar to the Rizzeria printer being trumped about the country @ DIY events in 2008 & 2009.) But w/ #5 they maintained the thematic approach of preceding Perth-produced editions, as each one had a topic they explored in their regular features & uncanny parodies. #6 Has moved away from that, subtitled 'The non-specific issue', #6 comes across as a meek hodge-podge tying up lose ends. Some of the material I'd seen in other Melbourne publications, they'd been eagerly showcased when they arrived. Weaknesses aside, 'Pox's strength's are still on display. Butcher & Wood's knack for capturing the essences of their parodies (#5's major spoof was of another spoof magazine, 'National Lampoon', they're not just Chevy Chase movies you'll learn) are unrivaled just about everywhere in art & writing. They celebrate the obscure & brilliant in pop culture & to me, simultaneously epitomise it. Yes this feels like the feeble dying last issue of 'Pox' that I'll ever see, but should this genius duo ever see fit to raise another issue to life, it will be as eventful to me as discovering this one. Professionally printed in that portrait format that American comics have w/ full colour skin & B&W guts. Contact PO Box 234 Brown Hill, 3350, Victoria, Australia.


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