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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Zeen Review: Point Blank #2


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 In a review for 'Samizdat' zeen I wrote "The critical, reflective authors are refreshingly unassuming compared to some of the hyperbolic stuff I've picked up from their contemporaries, ['Samizdat author] Martins actually concedes his youth & immaturity as potential taint for the reader experience." 'Point Blank' basically showcases the aforementioned contemporaries. I liked 'Samizdat' for what it wasn't, 'Point Blank' is 'Samizdat's lack. It's an art criticism zeen, sponsored in part by the university (of South Australia) that hosts its student contributors. It boils down to a lot of wank, which is not surprising for art criticism. The reviews inside leave me knowing less about the subject of review & more about the intellectual preoccupations of the reviewer. It's contributors don't know any better, but presuppose they do. It didn't make me interested in the art discussed & it was generally unpleasant to read. & Amongst its pages was a little intro by one of their academic 'superiors' giving them kudos on a job well done (shudder). This stuff is not only encouraged but partly funded as well, this is like a curse on future street press, condemning readers to an abysmal vacuum empty of decent articles for their consumption for perhaps a decade. A5 portrait format, staple bound w/ B&W skin & guts. Contact: pointblank at y7mail dot com


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