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Thursday, June 18, 2009

of no redeeming value


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new reading matter (incorporating comix fix)

chuck palahniuk's snuff typically reviewed: "…pretentious [?!], badly written and utterly without a single redeeming feature…" - despite, or because of, this it's been something i want to read anyway - the basic plot premise at least sounds intriguing and somewhat comic (and i somewhat suspect the majority of disillusioned readers are probably missing the joke): a porno princess capping her career by breaking the world record for serial copulation with 600 men - the story told from the perspectives of mr 72, mr 137 and mr 600 - anyway, as this is mere pulp fiction to be read and quite likely discarded myself, a raincheck was given to the oversized and overpriced american edition - happily this uk import copy well under half the cost

the bureiko lullably classic underground manga is -pretentious- vulgar, badly drawn and utterly without a single redeeming feature - yay! - a penis in every panel! (not quite actually but that gives you the idea)


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