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Monday, June 15, 2009

Breakfast at Mimi’s (Mimi’s Doughnuts Vol. 1)


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168 pages, perfect bound
black & white + full-color cover
$12.00 (+$2.38 shipping)


Meet Shayna Mulligan, age thirteen – an aspiring young writer, whose life was going perfectly fine until that summer when her mom and step-dad bought a greasy little doughnut shop on the rusty side of town! Now she's elbow deep in dirty dishes, crusty customers, silly siblings, small-town politics, and more doughnuts than you can shake a dirty fork at… and of course, Shayna doesn't even like doughnuts.

Breakfast at Mimi's collects the first three years of Marek Bennett's Mimi's Doughnuts comic strips, appealing to readers of all ages with quirky, bittersweet stories from the lives and imaginations of an entire family of characters.


Marek Bennett's self-syndicated Mimi's Doughnuts weekly comics have appeared in New England newspapers since 2003. The series was inspired by Bennett's wife's childhood in Claremont, NH, where her family ran a small doughnut shop.

This Xeric-winning anthology includes:

  • The first three years of Mimi's Doughnuts comic strips!
  • Some episodes that never appeared in the newspapers!
  • A map of Claymont, NH, hand-drawn by Shayna especially for you!
  • Marek's reflections on old strips, self-syndication, and community stories…

Here are sample images of the front and back cover:

Click on the sample title page to download a PDF of sample pages:


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