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Friday, July 31, 2015

To lose someone

To lose someone - Mia Resella, 2013. 

11x14 cm, 16 pages. Stapled. 


I was sent this recently by my friend Guy J Jackson, who knows I love zines and posts me bundles from the USA, so it wasn't sent for review directly, and I know it isn't new, but I wanted to share. 

To lose someone is a simple black and white zine with line drawings that gets to the core of what bereavement feels like, how it seems no one understands, what it means to share that loss, and how, ultimately, love and loss is what makes us all human. 

Perfect to give to anyone you know lost after the death of someone close, particularly teenagers I'd have thought. 

You can buy this zine and others from Mia's Etsy shop: etsy.com/shop/miaresella

Check out her other work here: miaresellaisagrownup.com/#!zines-and-webcomics/c1v0b

Review by Nathan Penlington

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