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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Radvocate # 13

The Radvocate # 13
79 pages, digest
$10 US

They grow up so fast. It seems like just yesterday we watched Matt's baby take it's first wobbly steps into the world. You blink, and suddenly they're all grown up. Not only is The Radvocate no longer a baby, I'm not sure we can even call it a zine anymore. Professionally bound with high octane prose, a slick cover, and complete with an ISNB number and bar code, this falls more into the literary journal category.

Gone are the little bits of combustible art filling the nooks and crannies. No more throw everything including the kitchen sink at it and see what sticks. Alas, we are left with a single pristine type font throughout it's entirety, a $10 price tag, and it's available on Amazon. I'd venture to guess he's not taking trades on this one.

( I stand corrected. Matt says, "I'd still be up for trades, anytime." For that you can use the contact form on their blog: http://www.theradvocatemagazine.bigcartel.com/contact )

There are 34 pages of poetry. I don't do poetry. The 20 or so pages of micro-fiction are great. Really great. You don't usually see this caliber of writing in a $10 publication, zine or otherwise. The non-fiction piece is great. The 20 questions type interview with Henry Rollins is okay. The cover art is awesome.

If I spent $10 on this I wouldn't feel ripped off, and that's having not even looked at the poetry.


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