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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Nightclub Yes/Nightclub No

Nightclub Yes/Nightclub No
Jeremy Dixon, 2013, Hazard Press. 
A7. 2, or rather ‘4’, pages. £4.

A cleverly constructed magic-wallet, double-spined, one-poem book…

…you decide which side to open, and which version of the text you want to read.

This kind of binding was, in my childhood, used in what was called a Milkman’s Wallet. Now, that makes me sound like a child of the 70s.

To buy a copy, or check out more work by Hazard Press, visit: hazardpress.co.uk

Review by Nathan Penlington

(This post was originally part of an ongoing series celebrating work from my zine collection. You can find the rest of the posts here)

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