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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Becky Kidner - diary drawings #48

Diary drawings #48 - 16th March - 7th April 2015 by Becky Kidner

8 pages/A3 poster. 
Colour copy printed on A3 paper, centre cut and folded to A5.

Becky’s obsessive project appeals to my mindset. Since 2007 she has been documenting every day, replicating key moments in logos, names, places, a diary of all forms of text based graphic design. Collectively it is a series of ongoing collages that are at once highly specific and personal, and yet, reflects how all of our daily lives are interlinked with the ubiquitous and invisible world of fonts and formatting.
To review this zine in more detail would be missing the point, and to review them all would take a project almost as obsessive as Becky's (I picked this issue up back at DIY Cultures in May). Dive in anywhere and you get an interesting take on the daily diary, documenting what companies spend millions designing, and what we usually filter out from our day to day: a compelling combination of the personal and impersonal. 
To view Becky’s diaries, and to contact about her zines, visit: Beckykidner.blogspot.com

Review by Nathan Penlington

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