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Friday, July 17, 2015

A High Degree

A High Degree - Elizabeth Maycox. 

A5, 34 pages, full colour inserts. Edition of 50. 


A compelling literary confessional of loss and longing. With coloured photographs printed on handmade cotton paper ingeniously inserted to overlap and wraparound page edges. The start of each section is punctuated by sentences printed on contrasting paper, forming haiku-like prologues. 

The text follows the narrator's travels and remembrances via Aberdeen and India, a journey to forget and to find, backwards and forwards through romantic encounters and sexual liaisons. 

"The way you smile when we're making love makes me sick. This is supposed to be an excorcism, not that donkey ride at Blackpool beach when you were seven years old wearing your sailor suit and screaming at jelly fish the size of your head". 

It's serious and witty, tender and provocative. The cumulative effect is a poetic, sometimes unnerving, zine of subtle strength.   

Buy a copy of A High Degree here: http://tenderly.bigcartel.com

For more about Elizabeth's work visit: http://elizabethmaycox.co.uk

Review by Nathan Penlington

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