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Monday, July 13, 2015

This House Is Not A Landmark

This House Is Not A Landmark

I bought this zine from Sonya Cheney's brand new zine distro Nine Lives. It sounded like my cup of tea, and thankfully I was right. It is a split between Jesse Grease (Windmill zine) and Rust Belt Jessie (Reckless Chants zine) on the theme of houses. Each writer shares little vignettes of houses they have lived in, visited, partied at, watched bands play at, etc. The underlying narrative is that none of these 'houses' were never quite 'homes'. Each story is deeply personal and wonderfully written. Finding little gems like this is why I love zines and if you're into punk culture or even just honest, confessional writing, then I recommend this one highly.

This House Is Not A Landmark

review by Martin Appleby
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