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Saturday, August 1, 2015

The Screever – Issue 7

The Screever – Issue 7, Spring 2015.

A6, 48 photocopied pages, limited to 150 copies.


I’ll be honest, I had to look up the meaning of the word ‘screever’. The definition according to Collins English Dictionary is:

1.      a person who draws on the pavement with chalk and earns money from the donations of passersby

The Screever uses the pavement in a wider metaphorical sense, drawing attention to people and things you’d miss otherwise. 

It’s a great little zine, well put together, diverse, consistently interesting, and the features really illustrate how artistically and culturally vibrant the DIY scene is in the Midlands. Interviews in this issue are with Stourbridge’s Temple of Boom music venue, ‘one of the strangest sounding bands you’ve heard’ The Perverts, comic creator Patrick Scattergood, record label Wolf Town DIY, and zine maker and obsessive diarist Becky Kidner (see this recent post about Becky’s zines). Plus music reviews, puzzle pages, and a recipe for vegan gummy bears.

You can't really do better for £1. 

And this is The Screever blogspot: thescreever.blogspot.co.uk

Review by Nathan Penlington

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