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Friday, July 3, 2015

Stratu's Diary Comix - 2015 (monthly)

Stratu's Diary Comix
8 pages, full size
$3.50 per issue in Australia
$5.00 per issue World Wide
accepts trades

Stuart Stratu is one of our reviewers, and the man behind the Blackguard comix series. Every day in 2015, Stratu is chronicling his life with a three frame comic.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading these. Though we've known each other peripherally through zines and comics for some time now, I really knew very little about him. I feel like I know him much better now, and that's a good thing because he is interesting and likable.

Beer is a steady theme throughout. His father has Altheimer's and Stu visits him frequently and takes him places, taking it in stride and keeping a sense of humor. He obsesses over job opertunities and gets letters from prisoners. I thought it was funny when someone had an "American" themed party where they had hot dogs and hamburgers.

Totally worth it.

PO Box 35
Marrickville NSW 2204

Review by Jack Cheiky

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