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Friday, July 24, 2015

Out of Order, Queer and Trans Youth Resistance

Out of Order, Queer and Trans Youth Resistance
36 pages, digest, photocopied black and white
$2.50 (?)

This appears to be the first issue, written primarily by LGBT adults for LGBT youth. It has great potential.

In addition to personal experiences, there's a list of terminology, and also a list of resources, (mainly around Montreal, where this zine comes from.)

Except for the front and back covers it is all text, so there's a lot to read. The content is not great. There's not a lot of super interesting stuff considering the broad, rich topic.

However, it hits the mark in sending up a signal flare and reaching out to LGBT youth. If I were a queer or trans young person I'd be excited and grateful to find kindred voices, especially if I wasn't lucky enough to come from a particularly hip or progressive school system.

[I have a young trans second cousin who's high school refused to let him graduate with his trans name on his diploma. The students rallied around him and eventually the principal was compelled to back down. While this is a great example of how the up and coming generation is way less prejudice than previous generations, this type of support is still not the norm. there's still a long way to go and LGBT youth need these kinds of resources.]

What I would like to see, in addition to some better edited content, is contributions from the youth themselves. Offering them wisdom and support from experience is great, but giving them a voice is important too.

I picked this up at the Fluxxii distro table at the Scranton zine fest, but the site is down. You can also get it from Quimbys or contact the maker directly...



queertransyouthzine at gmail
(spelling corrected)

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