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Monday, June 29, 2015

Exquisite Corpse 1

Exquisite Corpse Vol 1. 2014. 
Marie Callum, Jessica Halmshaw, Heeseon Kim, Hamish Steele, Melissa Trender, James Turzynki. 
A5, 24 colour pages. £3.

The infamous surrealist game gets a graphic novel make over in this collaborative comic project. The rules: ‘No comic page is written by a single artist. We each have 20 minutes to complete as much of the story as we like, and after our time is up we pass the narrative to our right’.

Does it work? Well in a traditional narrative sense, not generally, no. But the contrasting styles of art, and the dramatic shifts in the stories keeps the work fresh.

You can buy this zine, and find more work by the collaborators here: leadache.com/comics

Review by Nathan Penlington

(This post was originally part of an ongoing series celebrating work from my zine collection. You can find the rest of the posts here)

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