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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Zine Showcase #20 from Oh My Clumsy Heart by Sophie

Zine Showcase #20

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Marsupials :: £2.00 + shipping

Collemoki were kind enough to send me two copies of there Marsupials zine - a digital printed colour version(shown above) and the (just as lovely) black and white edition. A5 in size with 16 pages with illustrations of marsupials ("an animal who has a pocket on its berry"). Fantastically charismatic and a little peculiar - wonderful stuff.

Harley Pageot
Yard Sale #10 :: $2.00 + shipping

Yard Sale #10 deals with music; discussing the love of CDs, school bands and record labels. 52 pages of black and white (mainly typed) content.

My Cat :: $1.50 + shipping
How To Collect Air Mail Labels :: $1.50 + shipping

Two short-and-sweet 8 page mini-zines; My Cat is a hand drawn illustration zine with rhymes about.. cats! How To Collect Air Mail Labels deals with mail label collecting and comes with a free assortment of mail labels.

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