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Monday, September 5, 2011

One Minute Zine Reviews #1

One Minute Zine Reviews #1
digest, 16 pages bound by twine, $?
A small zine review zine by DJ Frederick of Signals zine. It starts out with a few thoughts about the zine community, and some of the statements that DJ Frederick makes seem a bit harsh and judgmental – a little elaboration might help clear that up though. Otherwise he makes some very good points. The zine reviews (and one music review) were nice to read. DJ Frederick has an obvious passion for independent publishing and a keen eye for quality zines. Send in your zines for review and/or contact him about submissions in order to ensure that a second issue of this fine zine gets made.
FUN FACT: DJ Frederick also does a segment on his radio show called One Minute Zine Reviews.
DJ Frederick
36 West Main Street
Warner NH 03278

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