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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

One Minute Zine Reviews, Night Train to Mundo Fine, Signals

I have three zines to review here, all from our new friend and syndicated reviewer, DJ Fredrick.

One Minute Zine Reviews #1, 2011: The Revenge of Print!
16 pages, digest
Price, $2

It's exactly what the title says. 10 zine reviews plus 1 cassette review and 1 book review. The "One Minute" part is taken from his radio show of the same name. The reviews are in no way micro-brief, nor glib, as one might misinterpret. The reviews are about average in length compared to places like Zine World and Factsheet 5, and adequately describe content, etc, to the perspective reader. Neither overly opinionated nor wimpy, just good reporting.

Night Train to Mundo Fine
4 pages, half legal
Price, one stamp

This one I'm not sure what to make of, as it is very brief (one piece of paper, folded,) and my first exposure to it. This unit is pulled together around the general theme of manual typewriters, the ever changing forms of media, what we may be losing in the process, and a little angst thereabouts. While I can't say I agree with the angst or lamenting, I certainly share some nostalgia and some concern regarding the pros and cons of the digital age. The music of Fletcher Tucker, the film, "So Wrong They're Right,"(exploring the underworld of 8-track enthusiasts / eccentrics,) and a poem.

Signals #5, a Media and Radio Zine
28 pages, half legal
Price, $4

This is the meatiest of the three zines: introduction to shortwave pirate radio, glossary of shortwave terms, DJ's 8 eight favorite radio programs of the last 50 years, a beginners guide to buying portable shortwave receivers, my first pirate radio station, Ian Freeman & Liberty Radio Network, 8-Track Mind Magazine, the film "So Wrong They're Right", and eight noble truths. I have to say, this was very engaging. I got caught up in DJ's fascination, although I admit I skimmed over most of the technical stuff, I have a new appreciation for the whole subculture, which is kind of like the zinesters of the airwaves. I had no idea. Nice work.

End Notes: based solely on these three issues that all arrived together, (along with a nice handwritten introduction page,) I don't see the need for Night Train as a stand alone publication: it's only one piece of paper, it's on the same general topic as Signals, and there is overlapping content. As a consumer I'd like it more if it were all rolled up into one, even if that meant alternating themed issues.

Fredrick Moe
36 West Main St
Warner NH 03278

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