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Saturday, September 3, 2011

The Ken Chronicles

The Ken Chronicles #18-20
digest, $2 each/trade
Ken puts out an issue of his zine every three months, making him one of the most regular and prolific zine publishers I know. He has consistently put out quality zines for several years now. If you have yet to check them out, I highly recommend that you remedy that situation and get your hands on a copy of The Ken Chronicles sooner rather than later. You should especially do so since 2011 has been dubbed the Revenge of Print Year by certain zinesters, and Ken is a proud supporter of this cause.
In issue #18, Ken writes about his visit to Lois’ Lunch in New Haven, CT and his trip to New Jersey to see Todd Rundgren in concert. He also includes a bunch of interesting little short stories and thoughts, details his purchase of a humidifier, and gives an interesting update on his genealogical research.
In issue # 19, Ken fills up most of the pages with details of his trip to the Caribbean. A couple other interesting tidbits are also thrown in, including some very poignant thoughts about nuclear power inspired by the recent disaster in Japan.
In issue #20, Ken covers a wide variety of topics including cherry blossoms, ice cream shops, walking the High Line (an old rail line in Manhattan), the aches and pains of getting older, and a trip to Newport, Rhode Island.
Issues 18 and 19 also include a feature called What I’ve Been _______ Lately in which Ken shares what he’s been reading, listening to, and watching – a feature that is sadly absent in issue 20, but I’m sure it will be back in issue 21.
Ken Bausert
2410 Erma Drive
East Meadow NY 11554

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