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Friday, September 2, 2011

Dynamiting Misery! (Readers Digress #13)
digest, 28 pages + cardstock cover, $?
This entire zine is said to be a reprint of an interview of Pollard Laine by Avery Cruikshank. These are obviously fictitious individuals, which makes this a fiction zine even though it doesn’t advertise itself as such. Avery is a deceased journalist (and “crochet enthusiast”) who was infamous for being quite the curmudgeon. However, in his interview with Pollard, Avery is said to have shaken off his general “bitchiness” and adopted a more pleasant approach to his journalism. Pollard is an animation scribe who, for part of his career, worked for Walt Disney. The nefarious characters that Pollard dreamed up where too shocking for Mr. Disney, and eventually Pollard left Disney during a strike and went on to raise hell at Warner Brothers. Fiction or non-fiction, I found this to be wildly entertaining. One of my favorite lines: “I’ll just keep on chipping away at the fortresses of miserabilism until enough folks realize there’s no heart to the Empire.” Highly recommended.
Readers Digress
c/o 15 Dartington Walk
United Kingdom

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