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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Echo! Echo! #8

Echo! Echo! #8
mini-zine, 48 pages, $?
I was under the impression that Keet wasn’t going to be doing anymore issues of Echo! Echo!, so I was extra excited when this showed up in my mailbox. I love hearing from Keet, and it’s an added bonus when she sends a new zine along. Echo! Echo! is a perzine by every sense of the word. Keet addresses very personal topics such as love, loneliness, sadness, desperation, and friendship; however, she does it mostly in veiled prose. If you are familiar with Keet’s writing you will know exactly what I mean. Keet’s prose shifts between brutal honesty to vagueness and mystery often within the same paragraph. Most pieces are quite short – a paragraph or two or a page or two – but long enough to get her point across. Keet is great at descriptive and emotive writing – she knows how to set the scene, which is important for a personal zine. I especially enjoyed her thoughts on letter writing. Probably my favorite line came in a series of short pieces called There’s Nothing Poetic About Being Drunk in which she writes, “One thing you hate about being drunk is that, while you forget your shyness, you’re still as awkward as ever, so you cringe harder in retrospect.” Writing aside, Keet’s illustrations and layout abilities are quite impressive. I’m a huge fan of her artwork and would recommend getting your hands on one of her zines even just for that. 
Keet Geniza
139 Brookmill Blvd.
Toronto ON M1W 3E7

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