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Friday, September 2, 2011

The Easy Vegan #2

The Easy Vegan #2
digest, 28 pages + cardstock cover, $?
A fun, little vegan zine focusing on simplicity and summer. Kendy has chosen a bunch of traditional summer foods like BBQ, kabobs, ice cream, watermelon, lemonade, and more and has written up simple and vegan ways of preparing them. She also includes all natural recipes for bug repellent, foot scrub, bird treats, sunburn treatments, and hair texturizer. Mixed in with the recipes are Kendy’s thoughts about being active in her community, a list of things that she’d like to accomplish during the summer, and a plug for pet cancer awareness month. The recipes definitely look easy, so I’m sure I’ll be trying at least a few of them. Contact Kendy to get a copy for yourself and to see about contributing something for the next issue.
Kendy P. (aka Miss Muffcake)
PO Box 251
Modesto CA 95353 USA

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