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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Possum Garage Press

Possum Garage Press #11 & #12
mini-zine, $3 each/$6 for 3 issue subscription
Various writers and artists fill the pages of this small zine. The content often focuses on socio-political issues, but it’s done in a very approachable and non-threatening way. It’s usually a short read, but consistently replete with thought-provoking and engaging material…along with simple and fun drawings of possums, etc.
In P.G.P #11 there is a story about teaching young girls the empowering art of poetry. Then there is a list of seven wishes (or cupid’s arrows) which describe certain changes the editor would like to see happen in America. The wishes encompass topics such as social security, bipartisanship, health care, term limits, American jobs, and illegal immigration.
P.G.P. #12 is largely one story about a trip to see a Chris Hedges lecture told from the perspective of a talking possum that is traveling along with the attendee. The possum probes the attendee in order to learn why she became interested in seeing the lecture. The possum then makes some observations about her experience at the lecture, and later gets some follow up responses from the attendee after the lecture. In my opinion, this is a very important piece of writing and highly recommended for anyone concerned about America and its future. Very creatively written, and very worth reading.
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P.G.P. c/o Lanyon Studio
8 Winston Avenue
Wilmington DE 19804

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