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Saturday, September 17, 2011

The Radvocate #1 & #2

This is a baby zine taking its first shaky steps into being. I like it. It's an open forum for pretty much anything, and it's free. There's not a ton of content yet, nor as much diversity as one would hope, but what's there is pretty good. It does what I look for in a good zine: expose me to and make me interested in things I wouldn't have though about or cared about otherwise: rollerblading culture, hoofing around Paris, riding horses along the San Andreas Fault, and the goings on of punk bands on the road, etc. While there is no intended theme, rollerblading is a reoccurring topic. Matt Lewis seems to be the driving force behind Rad, (even though it's presented as a collaboration,) and he and his friends are rollerbladers. Good energy. An ambitious project. True life adventures, drawings, cartoons, true life adventures, poetry, CD reviews, death of a loved one, and true life adventures. 24 pages each. Contribute and/or Order: theradvocatemag at gmail or smail to 3245 University Ave, San Diego, CA 92104. (They say it's free, but I say send them some trades, mail art, stamps,or even a buck or two.)

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