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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Map of Fog 3

Map of Fog 3

I first came across Map of Fog when I was writing zine reviews for Zine World. It was one of the best zines I had ever read, a non-fiction zine telling tales of San Francisco, focused on people. Mature and professional, with a strong voice, yet DIY and personable, it was all the things I liked best about zines. I got in touch with its creator Marcos Soriano, and in that way I got a hold of Map of Fog 2, which is probably just as good.

Two weeks ago I got Map of Fog 3 in the mail, and it didn't disappoint. This one's almost entirely interviews. The interviews are with everyday people of San Francisco, and all come from elsewhere: Tennessee, Laos, England, Hong Kong, and El Salvador. The people are fascinating. Is everyone that fascinating, when interviewed with skill? The last piece in the zine is about some buildings in the Sunset (one of San Francisco's neighborhoods) that house secret societies.

Map of Fog remains one of my favorite zines of all time!


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