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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Sunday Secrets


Sent to you by Jack via Google Reader:


via PostSecret by noreply@blogger.com (postsecret) on 6/14/09

PostSecret is an ongoing community art project where people
mail in their secrets anonymously on one side of a postcard.

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and i hope everynight that my brother won't get touched.

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Allow yourself another thirty years to understand it.

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I asked him to marry me Friday night, he said "no". Today we read PostSecret & came to this one. He asked me, & I said "yes".

PostSecret Community

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On the other side of that postcard was my biggest secret...  I find that when I send in a secret to you, that opens the floodgates, and it helps me to tell the truth to those closest to me...

But not that one...  It's still a secret...  And I find it really amusing that you showed the side you did...  Because the person I wrote it for will have no idea...

And I'm shaking to realize that you chose my card...  And you still kept my secret.

Thank you.

Personal PostSecret videos are being created and shared on several social websites like Facebook and Myspace. Here is one example from over 1,000 that have been uploaded to YouTube.

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Dear Frank,

Tonight I was at Artomatic. On the metro ride home, there was a girl - quite beautiful - with dyed hair and heavy eye makeup but not enough to cover up that something was the matter. She was eying her wrists then looking around. I wish I knew her story. I wish I could help. So on a card I wrote

Dear Friend, Though this is cliche, it has helped me to think the night is darkest just before the dawn.

As she was getting off the metro she dropped a little PRIDE flag and as I picked it up, handed it to her and said, "I think you dropped something." I handed her the card.

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i am going to carry an empty post card with me from now on, just in case i see someone in need of exactly what you did.

-Kristina from Germany

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I ride the trains every day (in Germany), and now I will be hoping to meet you in the Bahn.

I'll also have a postcard with me, and maybe someday, we can trade postcards.


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