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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Salah Cetax # 8 (2009, Indonesia)


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via punks is hippies - the blog! by Slobodan Burgher on 6/4/09

"hell oi here is the brand new fukkin issue of salahcetax zine this is my latest zine edition there're a lot of article , opinion , scene report also featuring chaos r.i , discolony , rentenir , and hantamrata on interview sesion and profile band : protes keras , chaos hitam , and begundal lowokwaru not forget for review zine and audio okay just download it and enjoy it you also can print , copy and sell it

click here for the link salahcetax#8

ohya you also can check my blog

and for info : my next zine issue is writen in english!

/tom vicious


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