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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Michaelis, Jen


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You Are Here #3

Is there an expiration date on mini comics?  This one is from olden times (2003), but I got it recently in the big Poopsheet mini comics sale, so hey, it's new to me.  A brief bit of research shows that Jen is still doing comics, or at least has done at least 5 more issues of this series.  Well, she has a cover for Volume 2 Issue 5 up at her website, so she probably did a lot more than that.  This is a collection of four stories, drawn in a fairly simple style (except for one where she uses collage), but it fits the tone of her stories.  First up is Head Injury, which tells the tale of her time at 15 in a college summer camp and how she, after not getting any advice at the top of a huge water slide, apparently gives herself a mild concussion on the way down and is too embarrassed to say anything about it.  Next is Children Run In Fear, as she trades haircuts with a friend who, it turns out, has no idea how to cut hair.  She tries to salvage the mess, ends up shaving her head completely and well, you can probably tell from the title where it goes from there.  Next is her collage piece, dealing with a dream she had where she and her boyfriend killed everybody on a cruise ship, told in collage form.  It didn't do a lot for me (although it was a fascinating dream), mostly because photocopied mini comics don't convey collages very well and it was often hard to tell what was going on.  Finally there's her fictional description of four types of bosses, all of which, trust me, you've probably had at some point, assuming you've worked more than a few jobs.  I've certainly had them all, anyway.  So, bottom line, if you can find this it's worth a look, flaws and all.  I'd check the Poopsheet page or there's always her website, although I didn't see anything there that looked like a link to comics.



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