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Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Cross Hatch Dispatch 6/8/09


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[Above, Lucy Knisley sneaks a cupcake. Below, supersized Dispatch.]

  • Lucy Knisley's foodie comic book, Relish, has been officially signed with "First Second." To prepare, she fasted for seven days, and made a comic about it.
  • Chris Ware, the Smartest Cartoonist on Earth, was recently interviewed by a publication from his hometown, The Chicago Tribune.
  • This June marks the 10th anniversary of Cat and Girl.  Woah!  A hipster high five for Webcomics everywhere.
  • Topatoco has started a Flickr photostream of people wearing their T-shirts.  If you have one of their shirts, put it on.  Take a picture.  Upload it.  Bam.
  • Big Apple Con's summer sizzler event is coming up this weekend.  Admission is free if you print out a form from their Admissions page and bring it with you.
  • Kids Read Comics, a free comics event in Chelsea, Michigan, is also happening this weekend.  Venture into the legions of hearty Midwestern children for some comics fun.
  • "Texas Instruments" is the art show opening this Friday at Domy Books in Austin, Texas.  The artist whose paintings are featured is Esther Pearl Watson, creator of Unlovable.
  • This Saturday at Shake It Records in Cincinnati, C. Tyler will be speaking about her new book series, You'll Never Know. Also in attendance will be Tyler's 90-year-old father, who happens to be the subject of the books.

–Athena Currier


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