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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Avery, Tara


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Dirtheads #5

You know, for a split second there I was going to bitch about how there was no contact info in this comic, again going into my diatribe of how sick I am of having no contact information for these comics… until I noticed the huge web address on the front cover.   I should mention right off the bat that the website has plenty of free comics of all shapes and sizes and, as #1-4 of this series are apparently out of print, you should probably check it out if you end up liking this one.  But I'm getting ahead of myself.  This is mostly the story of Mr. Kazuo, also known as Gooch.  He has a crappy job on the phone helping people with their internet problems, but seems content to stay at his moderately paid, easy job indefinitely until he (spoiler alert!) gets fired and ends up spending all his time drunk in front of the television.  I wasn't sure what this was going to like when I first opened it up.  I was guessing a weekly strip that loosely held together, but if that's how it started Tara has done an excellent job of making this a coherent story.  There are some engaging (and all too true, as anybody who has spent time on the phone in customer service will know) stories of customer interaction in here, and the reason Gooch gets fired is hilarious, especially with the misdirection leading up to it.  Tara even manages to make almost four solid pages with the lead character in front of the television funny, no small task.  It looks great and it's funny, which is all I ever need with these things.  There are also a few shorter strips, one about paying cover charges, and one about getting caught up in the Olympics every four years.  Tara even manages to throw in a back page with three panel strips, and here's the shocking thing: they're really funny.  Maybe that's not shocking to you, but it's always at least mildly surprising to me when strips are genuinely funny.  But hey, don't take my word for it, that website will have all the comics you need to be convinced.  $2


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