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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Akron/Canton Comic Book Show


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The ink has barley dried from the Kafe Kerouac show and I received an email from Jeff Harper asking me to come out to Akron/Canton for his next comic book show. It's kind of nice to be invited to come to a show as a guest artist. Harper shows are small but a lot of fun. He is only expecting a turnout of around 300 people, but that is 300 people who otherwise would not be exposed to my work so I won't shoot a gift horse in the mouth.

So the Akron/Canton show is on the 28th. More information about the show is over here if you are interested. I have some inventory management that I need to do so I know what to reprint. The interesting new items I will have for the show will be the Symphony of the Universe companion CD and a few comp copies of PANEL 13. Plus prints of my deviantart stuff. If I can get my hubby to help me paginate I may have some brand new SOTU : Book 3 chapters but we will have to see on that last one.



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