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Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Zine World #24

Zine World #24
A Reader’s Guide to the Underground Press
48 Page full size
$4 US, $5 CAN, $7 overseas

To my knowledge no hardcopy publication carries more of a workload reviewing zines and presenting the related news.

More than 200 reviews of zines, comics, books, and other self-made media. In-depth articles on the end of the Independent Press Association and Clamor magazine, the bankruptcy of Tower Records and Publisher's Group West, and what these events might mean for independent publishers. Other news articles on government intrusions, first amendment violations, and freedom of speech issues. "Everything is Politics" by Grant Schreiber. Comments by zinesters on the pros and cons of using PayPal and where they do their printing. An updated list of other review zines Art by Alan Lastufka (Fall of Autumn), Christoph Meyer (28 Pages Lovingly Bound With Twine) & Lori Moster, Derek Ballard, Liz Baillie, Josh Dorsha, and Alec Longstreth. Word of mouth on stores & distros selling zines, zine projects & resources, updates on zine libraries & infoshops, upcoming events, and address changes. Classified listings for zines, calls for submission, groups, distros, DIY projects, and much more!

Don’t just get a single issue, get a subscription. Also, if you send something in for review, send a buck to help offset the cost. Lets start an new unofficial tradition with that. It’s not their policy, but they (we) need the money. No one gets paid, and cash flow is always an issue.

Zine World
PO Box 330156
Murfreesboro, TN 37133-0156

Order online — Ordering Zine World

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