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Monday, August 6, 2007

Sentiments of Space Travel

Sentiments of Space Travel
48 pages, Pocket Size
$2 or Trade

Beautifully produced. "Lately, self-help magazines and television shows have led me to the lofty goal of not allowing fear to run my life. So I'm letting go, I'm getting tattoos where-ever I please, I'm changing my name. I found an apartment in Eugene and I'm moving there with my cat in September. I only work when I want to, I'm not trying to compete, I'm allowing summer breezes to sweep across my arms in the dark walking home. Across town, I bought a pink iPod off of Craigs List and laughed when I didn't get lost. I drove my friend to the airport last night where her plane is taking her to Germany for an entire year. I'm writing this zine, I'm reading fiction for fun, and checking out comics from the library. I try not to be afraid of global warming, nuclear war, or my own mental illness. I try not to be afraid for gay rights or future generations. In the past three years fear has been consuming me. Not only had it built a house on fine real estate, in those juicy gray curves of my brain, it also left my mouth and controlled all my limbs. It lived in my intestinal tract, an undiagnosable form of irritable bowel syndrome - uncomfortable and embarrassing. It cramped down on my social skills. It wouldn't let me break up with my ex-girlfriends, it addicted me to SAT courses and colleges out of fear that someone would find me out of fuck me over. I can't wait any longer for it. I can't tense up my shoulders and close my eyes and wait for someone to jump out and attack. fuck it. I hit the gym. four or five times a week. it was the only way for me to sweat fear out of my system..."

Sentiments of Space Travel
Jazz McGinnis
405 E.14th Ave #7
Eugene OR 97401,
johnny sees stars at gee mail

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