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Monday, August 6, 2007

Cascade #3

Cascade #3
4 Pages, Full size
$2, 1Euro, SAE in UK Trades

This is the “zine for girls who love to wet their nickers, boys who like to imagine it, and anyone else interested." Horny Brit girls peeing, masturbating and having girl-girl sex, all in public. Unintentionally funny, (I think,) though I was alarmed by some of the exploits; I'll never again use public transportation, or public photobooths, or public anything. Gluesticked together like a middle school newsletter; drawings, blocks of text, words snipped from magazines, and a few original photos; corner stapled and edited in pencil. There's a bunch of four line poems that when read in succession are absolutely hilarious, punctuated by clipped words like, "warm front," and, "instant relief." Fan mail from pervs in poetry form. I'm... uh... luke-warm about the subject matter but it's good to know there are horny girls out there somewhere doing naughty things.

54 The Avenue
Wivenhoe Colchester Essex C07 9AH UK

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