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Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Weird MUSE #3

via Small Press Newsroom by -AF on May 15, 2007

Weird MUSE #3, by Dan W. Taylor. 4.25' tall x 5.5' wide, cream cardstock cover, black and white printing. 8 interior pages. I guess this is rated PG-13 as there are some breasts here and there...First we have a nice little into page with nice art (and breasts), then we go to DAN's Wife's Page....some nice home cleaning tips, and a recipe, oh and a nice photo of some kittens. Then we bet to the comic by Dan: The Weird Muse in Think Twice & Be Nice. Nice art and story. Love the gray tones as well. (More comic breasts, she is a GODDESS for gosh sakes.). And we learn an important lesson in the end! Another great little comic by DAN!
(5 stars) They just keep getting better, but I want more!
Send $1 ppd to: Dan W. Taylor/1833 Guntle Road/New Lebanon, OH 45345 or visit:


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