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Tuesday, August 21, 2007


52 Pages, Chapbook
$3 or Trade

"It's not a fanzine," MISHAP editor Ryan
reminds us early on in issue #21 of this
nicely designed and wide-ranging
publication. And he's right. When I think of
a fanzine I think of the obsessive movie
publications that first introduced me to the
world of self-publishing. MISHAP aspires
to be far more than that and hits more than
it misses. In its 52 digest-sized pages you'll
find everything from the typical section of
book and zines reviews with punk and
political leanings to a series of cartoons
about a possum leaving Oregon because
he's tired of the abuse. Other features of
note include a report from a Death Metal
Fest in which the writer confronts one
band's singer over their on-stage
comments and attire, as well as a
straightforward interview with the
Finlandian Tolkien metal band Battlelore.
I'm probably getting too old and removed
from it for MISHAP's screeds about the
`punk' lifestyle but wouldn't hesitate to
recommend it for its writing, variety and

PO Box 5841
Eugene OR 97405

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Reviewed by Dan Taylor, editor of
The brand new issue #10
features articles on competitive eating,
multi-tiered burgers, White Castle in
Harlem, In-N-Out Burger, pork rinds and
more. Single copies are $3 from PO Box
5531, Lutherville, MD 21094-5531 or order
on-line at hungovergourmet.com

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This review first appeared in
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