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Wednesday, August 8, 2007


via Small Press Newsroom by -AF on May 06, 2007
HUMPDAY is a great concept with great art to back it up. Adam Buechler has a nice style that works very well here. Just enough detail to keep the story moving along. And the story is very well done. And dare I say it "original"? Or seems to be to me. From the Press Release that Adam sent with the comic: The comic centers on a pair of blue-collar guys, an American "Dog-catcher" team working in Paris in the near future. Like manyother zombie books, it is a time where the undead roam freely, and as a result, the undead tourists have become a nuisance and an embarrassment for their homelands. They've taken over popular vacation destinations and as a result, their respective countries have sent in teams to remove them from the city. The comic is not really a horror story or even a zombie story, but more of a comedic tale about the mundane day-in and day-out of the working class. The tense or scary scenes in the comic are dealt with as though they are just everyday occurrences (which they are, of course) for the characters. Nothing out of the ordinary and really rather dull.
That said I was drawn into the story and would love to see more from Adam soon. 24 pages, digest, color cover, thick paper stock and great printing quality throughout. No price on the cover? Also I love the intro page but you should have something on the inside covers if you can, and especially on the back cover, which he chose to leave blank. Maybe talk about your other projects or something about issue #2 or perhaps the main characters in a nice pose?
I give this 4.5 stars. Adam made a common small press mistake, he didn't print any credits or contact info in the comic. You should do that to make sure people can contact you for letters of comment, or to order more of your books! Add a web site address if you can and an email address for sure. Getting feedback is important and so is selling more books! You could even get someone that likes your art and want to hire you for something so don't miss an oportunity!
Send $5 + $2 shipping to: Adam Buechler, 1582 William St., Vancouver, BC, V5L 2R2 or Email him at a_squared@shaw.ca for payment details. (I'm sure we will be seeing alot of great things from him in the future!)


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