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Wednesday, August 8, 2007


via Small Press Newsroom by -AF on May 06, 2007

Tiki Comix is a digest with a color wrap-around cover by Michael Roden. Michael also does most of the interior pages of crazy TIKI Gods like in "Tiki Surf Party!" a one pager done with Mike Mitchell. No real stories to speak of, just wild art involving a TIKI God. Art also by Brad W. Foster who does a very nice "TIKIMAN" inside cover pinup, and some of the usual Rodenites like Bob "X", Jeff Gaither, Jim Thompson, Tom Brinkmann, Andy Nukes etc....well worth a look if you like wacked out crazy, scary cartoonish, realistic mayhem. Greetings from ...Tiki Man was like an old photo album of Tiki Man, funny! You know these guys are having fun! About 20 pages counting the covers which are printed on the inside.
Nice printing and nice colors on the cover...no price on the cover but I'm betting $3 + $1.50 shipping would do it, or email TBHCOMIX@aol.com for details. Or take your chances and send that money to: Michael R. Roden, 2018, Big Indian Rd., Moscow, OH, 45153 (I give it 3 stars as lots of tallent goes into this stuff. If only they had a real story here or there....)


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