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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

the east village INKY no.34

the east village INKY no.34 (April 2007)
40 Pages, pocket size, $3

I have mixed feelings. On the up side, this delightfully produced momzine is completely hand written and illustrated. It's friendly, wry, witty, and unpretentious. Stories include the kids' buzz-cuts and piercings, the author's touristy excursions into the local scene, and daily family stuff. On the down side, I don't like the writing as much as I want to. Ayun's chatty style and clever phraseology are great in small doses, but harder to stay focused on for the longer narratives. I actually enjoyed reading her bio on her website and the blurbs about her various works more. Still, it's a bargain at $3.

the east village INKY
Ayun Halliday
PO Box 22754
Brooklyn NY 11202

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