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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Emerge and See Unity #2

Emerge and See Unity #2
44 Pages, Chapbook
$2 and Prearranged Trades

I really like this, though, I couldn't agree less with Dakota about his anarchist anti-establishment views. He comes from a nice, progressive, multi-cultural family, but he was obsessed with military stuff as a boy, finds the power-establishment to blame for that, and is now trying to be a better person. What I like is he's sincere, a good writer, and capable of grappling with the issues he writes about. He uses the same measure of culpability on himself as he does on The Man, and is not simply parroting any party line. He's extremely well read, and gives generous synopses and opinions of much of it; it's like getting the Cliff notes on cool obscure stuff I probably won't ever read. Lots of cool artwork.

Dakota Phoenix
PO Box 271
Bausman PA 17540

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