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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

$100 Dollars and a T-Shirt

$100 Dollars and a T-Shirt
DVD $8
is a wonderful documentary chronicling the Portland Oregon zine scene circa 2004. There are tons of interesting interview snippets with zinesters that exemplify the diversity of motivation for and approaches to do-it-yourself publishing, and a little zine history and lore going back as far as Martin Luther. My one observation which might not be obvious to the uninitiated is that the world of zines, mail art, and DYI is even more vast and diverse than represented here. The Portland zine community tends to lean punk, grunge, anarchist, riot grrrl, slacker, etc. While that's delightful, it would be just plain wrong to think or suggest said package of values, though common enough, are in any way inherent to self publishing. I don't know why anyone wouldn't want a copy of this DVD. they should be playing this on PBS. $8 to Microcosm Publishing. Order on line.
Microcosm Publishing
222 South Rogers Street
Bloomington IN 47404
or order on line

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