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Sunday, April 4, 2010

The Things That Are & The Things That Will Be by Mae & Cheo!


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This is the first zine I've done in about two years and it's a split zine. It is seperated in two parts, my story first and then Cheo's. I write about my own existence and my conflicts with it. The writing isn't very definitive, everything is open ended and reaches to a conclusion of trying to be more capable and carry out existence.

excerpt: "I want a change to happen within the minute. Why do I lack this patience? Is that immense amount of technology booming? People are constantly on their cell phones, checking status messages, portable screens, media, and there is a lack of heart-to-heart conversations that isn't about being plastered to the floor by your drug of choice. The more I critique this, it seems that I'm guilty of this too. I'm guilty for blurring the lines of technology and reality for enjoying drugs to enhance my thoughts and actions, for wanting a quick fix."

The second part is called, "Moving Forward through Time and Space (Or How I got from point A to point B in only 34 Steps)" and Cheo seperated it into three parts, past, present and future, which describes his state of being during those times. Cheo manages to give you a taste of what his life means, how random everything seems to be and how he's viewed it in a few pages.

excerpt: "I am out here out of pure chance, in this life, on this planet. It's the tiniest rock. On this rock, I am alive and so are all of us, floating in space, taking life far too seriously because we can think. All this surrounding us in our consciousness, accepting information through our eyes and ears. It's an unusual thought but we are all just here taking the burden of life, being held down by gravity, inhaling all these toxins, staring at clouds, hoping there's a god that cares, slowly dying every day and then not existing. We will all die. It's all just one big random mess that we've been forced to deal with. If it's all I see and all that is, then why take it so seriously?"

The zine is illustrated by Cheo and inspired by conversations, space and existence.

$1.00 1/4 sized 22pgs

You can get it at Gimme Brains Distro or pay pal me 1.50 at youreinsanehoney at gmail dot com


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